What Is News?


News is a record of the happenings of a particular era. It consists of current events which are recorded and published in an objective manner with fairness. News should be able to provide an education value to its recipients. It should be capable of inciting the reader to think or to take some action.

The most interesting and important happenings of the world are made into news. Generally, they are about people but news can also be about non-human things. These include cyclones, bush fires, drought and volcanic eruptions. People like a good story about people; they are always interested in hearing about achievements of prominent persons and about their scandalous activities. People also love stories about controversies; they are eager to read about conflicts, arguments, charges and counter-charges.

In general, only those things which are significant to the society make news. For example, an insect which ruins the harvest of a village will make news in that area. But this will not be news in another village. Therefore it is necessary to evaluate the significance of a thing before making it into news.

Before publishing a news story, it is advisable to have it checked by an editor. In addition to pointing out misspellings and grammatical errors, an editor will also be able to cut down long paragraphs and simplify awkward sentences. This will help the journalist to write an accurate and concise report which is likely to attract the readers attention.

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