What is News?


News is information about current events, or an announcement of something important that has happened. The news is usually reported by the mass media, which consists of newspapers, radio, television and the Internet. The mass media is also sometimes referred to as the fourth estate because of its role in the democracy and in the protection of citizens’ rights.

The news is typically written by professional journalists. It is important to know the audience for a news article, because this will dictate how the information is presented and what kind of tone is used. In addition, the audience will help you decide what kinds of facts are most important for the article.

In order to be considered newsworthy an event must be unusual, uncommon or remarkable. The event should also have a high level of drama or consequence. The events that make the news are typically things that have a large impact on society as a whole, or at least a small community. For example, the rescue of a baby tiger may be newsworthy because it focuses on the lives of endangered animals and how people are trying to save them.

Most people who work in the news business or who read/watch/listen to news as an audience member have a basic understanding of what makes an event newsworthy. These people are often called gatekeepers and they make the final decisions on what is newsworthy for their particular medium or organization. They will often take recommendations from reporters or other members of their organization.

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