What Is News?


News is a report of an event that is fresh, unusual, or of great impact to society. A news story is more likely to attract attention because it is fresh and unusual. A news story is also factual, which means it reports the facts as they happened without comment. The news reporter’s role is to report the event as objectively as possible, without speculating or adding comment, which is the job of an editorialist or columnist.

The success of a news story depends on the journalist’s commitment to uncover the full story. The media often has a tendency to run stories straight from press releases, but professional journalists check facts and research to tell the whole story. Other factors affect the news story’s shareability, which is the likelihood that people will share the news story on social media.

A news story may be positive or negative. Some stories are based on entertainment, while others are serious and have controversial elements. Entertainment stories can feature sex, showbiz, and human interest. These stories are often accompanied by witty headlines or pictures. Another type of story is a drama. This type of story has a dramatic overtone and may include a surprise element.

Different groups of people have different interests and concerns, so the types of news are different as well. For example, a news story can be categorized into “hard news” and “soft news”. The term “hard news” refers to front page news, which may be a news story about a natural disaster or business. Hard news is also controversial and timely, so the most important information is placed at the top of the front page.

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