What Is Law and How Does It Affect Us?


Law covers the broad range of issues that affect human life. It can occur in any area of life, from family matters to work disputes to being accused of a crime. Some of the most common issues that arise involve immigration, consumer rights, housing problems, and money. The government offers information on the criminal justice system, and court websites detail consumer rights and other important topics.

Competition law, also known as antitrust law, dates back to the Roman law against price fixing. This branch of law now covers many types of commercial activity, including complex contract law, property law, insurance law, and bills of exchange. Sales law has its origins in medieval Lex Mercatoria, and the US Uniform Commercial Code codifies common law commercial principles.

Religious law is based on religious precepts. In the Jewish tradition, the Torah and Pentateuch are the basic codes of Jewish law, while Christian canon law has survived in some churches. Religious law is often based on a belief in the unalterability of God’s word, but detailed legal systems require human elaboration. In the Islamic tradition, for instance, the Quran contains some law, which is further developed through interpretation, reasoning by analogy, and Ijma. In the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican Communion, Canon law is used to determine specific cases.

Force majeure provisions in leases are not going away, and are likely to be a key bargaining point in leases. However, each industry has its own definition of what is considered a force majeure event, and it’s essential to tailor force majeure provisions to your business model.

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