What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a mode of dressing up and expressing one’s identity. It is considered to be an essential aspect of human civilization. Fashion is often characterized by its ability to inspire, innovate and entertain. This multibillion-dollar industry is composed of the design, manufacturing and promotion of clothes (for women, men, and children) ranging from the most ordinary to designer clothing.

Fashion changes constantly with the times, as it responds to technology shifts, sustainability concerns, and cultural dialogues. For example, bell-bottom jeans and parachute pants were once all the rage in the 1960s and 1970s, but they’re hard to find today.

For some people, fashion is a priority in their lives, and they always keep up with the latest trends. In this way, they can be perceived as a step ahead of others in their social interactions. Moreover, they enjoy the inner delight of being bold and beautiful.

However, for some other people, it is simply a form of entertainment. They want to catch the attention of others in a crowd by their unique look, and they consider comfort as a non-valued factor when it comes to Fashion. Keeping up with fashion can be challenging for them and they may feel pressured to wear the right styles or they will be labeled as “unfashionable”. Fashion also comes with an innate value judgment that anything that isn’t on trend is wrong. Thus, it can cause body shaming and degradation of self-esteem for those who don’t fit the bill.

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