What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a way to express personal style. It is a cultural phenomenon and an international industry. People can be fashionable in clothing, shoes and accessories or in the way they behave or act. Fashion can be influenced by culture, social class or by media.

Fashion can change quickly. It can be based on trends, but it can also depend on the time of year and the season. It can also be based on specific events or social conventions. For example, the hemlines of women’s skirts may be raised for religious reasons or to show off their legs during the summer. Fashion can be dictated by designers and manufacturers, but it is also based on what the consumers want.

People can also become fashion icons by introducing new styles or by following existing ones. In modern western society, the clothes that someone wears are usually a reflection of their personality and character. When a person of high cultural status or popularity begins wearing something different, other people will copy them and a new fashion trend is born. Fashion also varies by age, gender, social class and geography.

A person can be fashionable without wearing designer clothes or going to a fashion show or mall. There is a huge amount of information on the internet about what is current and popular, so it is easy to follow the latest trends. However, it is important to write well-researched articles because if you constantly follow the same trends, your articles will lose their relevance within two hours.

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