What Is Fashion?

Fashion is the art of dressing. It is a form of artistic expression that involves status, nature, and attitude. It varies from time to time and also in different places.

Historically, the clothing we wear defines us by social and occupational status. During the Middle Ages, for instance, certain colors and materials were set aside for specific occupations. In modern times, people often use fashion to distinguish themselves from others in a way that is both attractive and functional.


Fashion reflects societal change and the financial interests of designers and manufacturers. However, new research suggests that there may also be internal taste mechanisms that drive changes in what is considered stylish.


The term vogue refers to a trend that is popular in the media and is expected to be continued. It can be applied to a variety of clothing styles, including skirts, blouses, and pants.


The word mode is derived from the French phrase la mode, which means “the style.” It refers to a particular type of dress or clothing that is usually worn by women and men of a certain social class. It can also apply to a style of clothing or an outfit that is fashionable in a specific country or culture.


A fad is a fashion that people quickly adopt because it is fashionable, but which becomes outdated before the end of its popularity. It can be a short-lived fad that fades in popularity, or a long-lasting fad that lasts for several years.

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