What Causes Fashion?


Fashion is a distinctive style, especially in clothing and accessories, that changes regularly. These changes are usually driven by trends, which may be inspired by many different sources. These can include culture, politics, economics, social class, religion, geography and even climate. Fashion can be found in a wide range of things, from makeup and hairstyles to footwear and bags. Often, fashion can be linked to specific cultures, such as the tiaras worn by the princesses of Egypt or the long dresses and veiled headgear associated with the Victorian era.

Although there are many things that can cause a fashion trend, it is the role of the designer that tends to bring about new styles most quickly. Designers work within the industry to develop their own vision of future trends and create clothes that will appeal to their clients. Once they create a new look, it takes only a few years for that look to filter through into the general public.

Another important factor is the media. There is a wide range of media outlets that deal with fashion, and it is the job of these outlets to spread news about current and upcoming trends. The media also plays an important role in determining how fast a particular look becomes popular and stays popular. This is especially true in regards to clothing, where looks can change rapidly from season to season and day to day. The rise of social media and mobile phone cameras has made it possible for more people to share their personal style, and this is a major factor in the speed at which trends develop.

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