Using Technology in Teaching and Learning


Technology is a wide and vague term with a multitude of definitions. Many people associate it with gadgets such as mobile phones, the internet, computers, big TV’s, HiFi’s and cars. In an enterprise or business setting, however, the word’s definition tends to be narrower and gravitates towards what is referred to as “IT”, information technology, namely computers, networks, servers and software.

When a technology is used effectively, it becomes a powerful scalable means of reaching a goal. For example, when TV’s became incredibly popular in America, they exponentially scaled the behavior of zoning out in front of a screen, hypnotized by constant visual stimulation. Conversely, when a technology is exploited by people with bad intentions, it can become a powerful tool for controlling and manipulating others. The example of the Unabomber’s bombing campaign can be seen in this light.

Using technology in teaching is an important element for keeping students engaged and active. For example, incorporating technology into lessons using tools such as Poll Everywhere or Mentimeter allows teachers to quickly gauge student understanding and provide immediate feedback to the class. This type of technology is an important resource for any modern classroom as it empowers learners with the ability to interact and create their own learning experiences. Furthermore, implementing technological upgrades into an organization can help it to stay competitive in its industry and make progress. Moreover, such advancements can also increase efficiency in the workplace and improve productivity.

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