The Field of Law and Its Impact on Our Lives


Law is a body of rules that govern the relations between people, organizations, and societies. It is a branch of social science and has been called the “art of justice.” A state can enact laws to protect the interests of its citizens and enforcing these laws can be done by a legislative assembly, group legislature, or executive branch. Private individuals can also form legal contracts and arbitration agreements.

Law also deals with the provision of public services and utilities. Examples of this include water law. Privatisation of services has eroded some of the traditional responsibilities of public law, but has resulted in different degrees of social responsibility for private companies. Some examples of regulated industries include energy, gas, water, and telecomms.

The field of law has many applications in almost every aspect of human life. It is divided into three main areas: criminal, civil, and property law. Criminal law involves laws regarding crime, while civil procedure deals with the rules governing courts. Evidence law is concerned with admissible materials used in courts. All these fields have an impact on our lives.

A system of government has to have checks and balances to maintain the rule of law. If a government could not control itself, men would not need it. Likewise, if a government were not controlled by the people, men would not need government at all. A system of government must be in place to keep individuals and organizations from abusing the law.

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