Different Types of Relationships


Having a variety of relationships is important for your emotional health. Not only does having a social support network help with mental health, it can also contribute to physical health.

There are several different types of relationships, and each can have a different set of characteristics. A relationship can be considered healthy when it promotes respect and trust, promotes communication, and encourages equality.

Having a healthy relationship requires that each partner be able to listen and discuss problems with the other. It should also promote activities that are enjoyable.

A sexual relationship is generally defined as one in which two people have equal amounts of love, affection, and energy. Platonic relationships are defined as ones in which there is no sexual attraction. These relationships are usually between friends, but can also involve other people in a work setting or elsewhere.

Friendships are typically based on a shared set of interests or experiences. They also can help each other in times of need. They are often built on emotional bonding.

Relationships that are abusive are also a cause for concern. Abuse includes verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. This type of relationship can lead to discontentment, stress, and even cardiovascular disease.

Physical abuse is when one person in the relationship physically hurts the other. It may also include damaging items that are owned by the other person.

Some people describe true relationships as soul relationships. Those who have seen their souls don’t recognize other people’s differences.

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